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rewind to 2008??

Hello All, 

Another cold, but beautiful day in So. Africa :) here are a few updates.

I went on exchange (two companionships switch companions for a day) with my good friend Elder Walgamott on the 17th of this month. We had tons of good conversation and were able to vent to one another about concerns, feelings etc... we also went to a family called the Vacinnies so Wally could record a few songs in their studio. It was fun to see the process and I actually got to sing in the backgrownd of one of the songs. I have the CD now and its SOOOO sweet. Wally and I definitely felt the exchange was therapeutic!

My comp and I have had some bad luck with our golden investigators having to relocate due to work or family issues, on Wednesday we received more bad news that Titus (who've written about before) is moving back to Malawi soon. One the car ride from that appointment to another, my companion asked me, "why do you think we are having so many trials" the question opened up really good conversation for us. We came to the realization that these trials are most definitely part of ones mission. That, as we are building up the Kingdom, God is also building us...

It seems like we are teaching more white people lately- Jill (member referral), Jullian and her two daughters (member referral) and Angelique *my all star* she actually saw the angel Moroni on the top of the temple and was drawn in. She ended up talking to two sisters there (one of them being Sister Martineau from AZ!!!!) for a long while about the teaching of the church, particularly the family unit. It seems like they did a wonderful job giving her info about the church and the restored gospel, because when we me with her the day after the temple experience, she was SO excited to come to church and even more excited that  she's found something that is feeling right to her from the start. Angelique described the church as the missing piece to her puzzle.

Yesterday night we had dinner at a members house named Tilly, we had pop (pasty white starchy stuff) and beef. We taught Daniel and Shelly, (new investigators) about the restoration and watched a video to illustrate what we taught while we ate. Daniel and Shelly are two people who dont seem to be overly excited about the gospel like Angelique, but we will keep teaching and inviting until they want otherwise. 

My companion is District Leader, he came up with the idea to set up booths in each area within the district in an effort to find more people to teach. All of us (6 missionaries), for example come to Randburg, where we serve,  and contact people/ bring them to our booth where they can get more information on the church. Elder Walgamott plays his guitar and sings hymns to attract a crowd as well. Our missions focus right now is father-led families and the first time we did this we were able to contact 3 solid F.L.F :)

I wish I could say I've eaten something absolutley insane this week, but i cant. I can, however say I was really, really close! There is a meal here that is quite popular amont the black Africans called Mogudo. Its pretty much the intestines of a cow that has been boiled. Apparently its amazing... nevermind the fact that it smells like___________ (fill in the blank), i was still excited to partake. Unfortunatley, duty called and we had to go to another appointment. The family promised to make it again, im excited- Fear Factor status!

If you woke up a few years in the future, would your life be so different that you wouldnt even recognize it? Elder Kendall, of of my MTC buddies had a tragic accident a few weeks ago. As a result, he recently had to leave our mission to return to the states. He was showering one morning and hit his head on the tile as he slipped. When Kendall came-to, his flatmates surrounding him, (believe this next part) HE THOUGHT IT WAS 2008!!... Apparently he was freaking out quite badly, they had to take him to the hospital and he was under constant supervision at the mission home. I got to see him about two days after his memory loss, he didnt recognize me even after I showed him pic and videos of us.. I asked him how the felt, being in Africa and all, he said he always knew he'd go on a mission, so being here wasnt as bad as not knowing what has happened to him or his family over the past 3 years. I put myself in his shoes. If i were to wake up thinking it were 2008 and found myself in Africa, i'd eather think i was in the twilight zone or still drunk from the night before, until someone tried to explain to me that im a mormon missionary- I didnt even know what a mormon was in 2008!! At that point i'd probably feel like was kidnapped...or on candid camera. Anyway, I wish the best to Elder Chandler Kendall, and have used his story as a teaching point for myself. I'd hope as we live the gospel throughout our lives, no matter where the time line drops us, we can recognize that we are, were, and will do Gods will. 

Love you all, 
write back soon, 

Elder Farr

ps. dont judge for all the writing mistakes, no one speaks proper english here, so i struggle to put sentences together. verbally, or otherwise. :)


"sunday, april 24th I got 3 baptisms under my belt. how great the work is."

"another day in beautiful afrika.."

First, thank you all so much for the thoughtful emails, letters,
packages, prayers, pics, and videos. Unfortunately, the internet café
I’m at now won’t allow downloading videos. I’ll go to a different one
next week I suppose. It brings such great joy to hear that all of you
are doing well. That, life is continuing seamlessly and that your
goals like school and family endeavors are being met. Where to start…

This is my first week in the field and I absolutely love it.
Everything that I’ve learned in the MTC, church, and good
conversations with all of you have helped me make the transition to
being a real live missionary. I’m still in the Joburg area, in a city
called Randburg. It’s about a 45 min drive from the temple, and let me
tell you it is pretty amazing. The homes here are as beautiful as they
are big. We (four of us) live with members of the church in their town
home, we barely see the family, but we see their maids all the time.
We’ve become pretty good friends. My companions name is Elder Sande,
he is from Zimbabwe and he speaks like 5 languages. Sooo jealous. From
the moment we met we’ve been laughing and sharing the gospel. He’s
actually going home in 4 weeks, so he has A TON of mission knowledge
to share with me. He said I must learn the area well, and that I don’t
have much time before he leaves, so he (literally) makes me drive
everywhere. Driving here, you have to have a, “do or die” attitude.
People are always walking in the streets trying to sell you something
and other drivers have absolutely no consideration for other on the
road. Elder Sande’s saying to things like that is, “this is Africa”.
After almost driving on the wrong side of the road a few times I
joking told him, “this is America”.

I haven’t had any crazy food yet, probably because I’m still in the
big city, best believe I’ll eat anything though.

Some of you asked if you could send me anything. Right now, I’m just
dandy but I’m sure ill be requesting something in a few weeks 

We’ve been teaching some pretty amazing individuals and families.
First let me tell you about this Afrikans (white/dutch) family who
just set a baptismal date for April 24th. They already live the word
of wisdom, have met with missionaries in Germany 7 years ago, and have
been (literally) looking for the Mormon missionaries to come teach
them. Talk about people ready to receive the gospel eh? The father of
the family is about 6’5’’ 350 lbs. We aren’t too sure who’s going to
dunk him in the water, but I’ve been doing my push ups every day.

We have two other investigators, brothers from Congo. We met with them
twice this week. Elder Sande allowed me to lead the discussion of the
Plan of Salvation. The spirit of the Lord came into the house like a
hurricane! One brother explained that his spirit is so happy to hear
that his dead grandfather is learning the gospel. We need to get them
to come to church, which has been an issue, but I keep the faith,
always. I’m telling you now, they will be baptized ;)

My personal progress is on the up and up. Ever day I’m in the field I
learn something about missionary work, find something to improve on
within myself, and learn new doctrines that will help me teach. Elder
Sande uses many visual aids to help him teach, today he will teach the
great apostasy using the game, Janga.

I love you all very much and have been able to pray for you all in the
temple, with my companion, and on my own. Keep loving one another and
the Lord. Write me, I love to use my experiences from home and fam to
help teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Talk to you next week.

Elder Farr



                                           this pic is zulu he's trying to pick up while he's there..

bronson loved the mtc so much! he was there for 3 weeks. next post will be his latest email, i just wanted to post these pics before we got too many.


... our pics.

hi. i'm hilary. haha bronson put me in charge to update his blog... and needless to say reminds me about it in every email since he's left. all 2 emails... intense. so anyway i have some friends who are amazing photographers and so before bronson left, we had them take a couple shots of us. i was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing being that i get oober awkward about taking pics generally, but they made it so much fun and memorable. i just saw earlier tonight that brons had posted with a "preview", well here is the full view. :) enjoy! (we do..)

earlier that morning it had rained and we were a little bummed because we cancelled the week before due to rain.. what the?? we live in arizona people!! anyway it ended up being absolutely perfect with the snow on the mountain tops.
okay.. now once i get an official email from elder pascual-farr you all will read about it. enough with the sappy sapp pictures.. i know.